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These are the vitamins we actually need

Vitamins...where to start?

"Most people do not even need to take vitamin supplements and can get all the vitamins and minerals they need by eating a healthy, balanced diet"

One of the most common teachings to us in healthcare, yet in reality how many of us actually have a healthy, balanced diet?

Or should my question be...'What exactly is a healthy, balanced diet?

On this I'm in no position to preach....working long hours, 7 days a week during this pandemic has knocked the healthy on its head and turned the balance inside out. The best we can do for now is understand what vitamins and minerals actually do, this will allow us to choose more effectively what is right for us.

Vitamin D - the big one

Vitamin D helps to keep the bones and muscles healthy, but having Vitamin D deficiency can cause not just muscle weakness but fatigue and depression.

The sun helps our body make Vitamin D, so based on how much sun your body is getting is going to be the deciding factor here. In this current climate of short days, long nights and spending most of our days in doors the answer is YES. This one is a must.

Vitamin D is available in tablets or capsules the recommended dose is 10mcg daily but speak to one of our pharmacists about HUX D3 20,000 unit capsules which can be taken once weekly initially to boost levels or once fortnightly to maintain the right level. being a liquid capsule HUX D3 delivers 20,000 units fully and effectively, a healthcare favourite.


Personally this one I think patients don't take seriously enough. Iron is stored in our body and used in making red healthy blood cells. Why is this important you ask?

Well Red blood cells carry oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our body (all our organs such as our eyes, heart and brain. Having low iron levels can make you breathless, tired, lack of energy, your skin may become pale and you may have palpiations.

Iron supplements are available in tablets, capsules, liquids and sachets. Again here I prefer the slow release capsules or liquid forms as these have less risk of side effects (constipation or stomach upset).

I hope you find this useful.... let me know by commenting below.

Remember...Keep warm and get the kettle on :)


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