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10 Pharmacies closing down per week!

Unfortunately after 13 years of service.....due to the Government Funding Cuts, rising drug costs.... The pharmacy has reduced its opening hours on Saturdays to (3pm to 8pm).

We apologise for any convenience, however to ensure that we can keep providing a 7 day week pharmacy service to the community we are reviewing all possible outcomes. 

We thank you for all your support over the last 13 years and we look forward to everyone's help and support in bringing pharmacy back.

Paul Brand reports. itv NEWS:

The NPA today (May 15) warned that pharmacy closures are "skyrocketing" in 2024, with the number of closures 53% higher than the same stage last year - which it said was "the worst year in living memory".

Over 400 pharmacies shut their doors for good in 2023 alone.

NHS figures and found that between January and April this year, 177 bricks-and-mortar pharmacies closed.

NPA chief executive Paul Rees said that the figures are "absolutely shocking and distressing".

"Community pharmacies face a perfect storm of rapidly declining levels of real-terms government funding and high levels of inflation - which is both increasing the cost of dispensing medicine and pushing many community pharmacies to the brink," he added.

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