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The Medicare Pumice Stone with Handle is designed to gently reduce and smooth roughened skin

• Convenient handle allows for easier movement of stone

• Ensure feet are clean

• You can use a pumice stone on wet or dry skin but for best results softent the skin by soaking in warm water

• Hold the pumice stone by the handle and use a soft, circular motion to gently buff away the dry skin

• Suitable for use on feet, knees and elbows

• After use, wash the pumice stone with warm water and leave to dry naturally

• Stop using if skin becomes sore or inflamed

• Do not use on broken or irritated skin

• People with Diabetes or poor circulation should consult with their doctor before using this product


Medicare Pumice Stone with Handle is designed to gently reduce and smooth roughened skin.


The pumice – a small block of lightweight, hardened lava foam – sloughs off tough, dry skin and dead skin cells, from the feet. A pumice can also be used gently on hardened skin at the elbows and knees. Regular use of a pumice stone improves the appearance of the skin and relieves discomfort caused by calluses.


The convenient handle is designed for easier use of the stone. It's a good idea to apply some moisturizing lotion to your feet, following exfoliation with the Pumice Stone. This will help keep the skin pliable and prevent cracking skin and fissures.


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Medicare Pumice Stone With Handle

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