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Designed to provide gentle arch suppport with a cushioned metatarsal dome to: redistribute pressure relief under ball of foot area, relieve stress caused by flattening arch.


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Why InBalance Pain Relief Insoles could help?


Pressure re-distribution- when this weight isn't spread evenly it can lead to painful high pressure areas. Scholl Arch Pain Relief insoles contour to your feet to provide clinically proven pressure relief. Stabilisation- misalignment of your foot position can lead to unnatural walking motions.


This causes stress to your feet, which can move up your body and result in knee, hip or lower back pain. InBalance insoles help to stablise the position of your feet to support your natural walking style.


Instructions for use: Before use, make sure the product fits well in the shoe- if necessary remove the existing insole. For some people pain relieve insoles may take time to feel comfortable as feet need to get used to the structural properties of the insole, so a break in period may be necessary.

Ball of Foot & Arch Pain Relief Insoles

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